Kick Off Meeting 28-29 September 2021 Bursa,TURKEY

The first international meeting of the “Beyond School” project donated by the Turkish National Agency under the Erasmus+ Program was held in Bursa between 28.09.2021 and 29.09.2021, hosted by our Agency.

Strengthening the profile of the teaching profession for the correct and effective use of out-of-school learning environments; planning the learning processes in a holistic way by bringing together the areas of duty, teachers and students for the same purpose as the education inspector in places outside the school; The first day meeting of the project, which aims to enable students who take their courses in different places to carry learning to all areas of their lives and to convey the social and educational value of the world’s cultural, natural and industrial heritage. to keep it alive for future generations, was held at Panorama 1326 Conquest Museum with the opening of Metin SEZER, Deputy Provincial Director of National Education. .

Project partners from Spain, Italy, Portugal and Poland first visited the museum with the guides of Panorama 1326 Conquest Museum, and then, in the first session, the participants were informed about the project management processes, budget, local activities, dissemination and updates. project calendar. informed by the coordinators. In the second session, a workshop was held for the preparation of situation and needs analysis questionnaires, which is one of the outputs of the project. At the end of the day, traditional archery and coin workshops were held at the museum.

On the second day of the meeting, the first session was held at Şahin Yılmaz Primary School, one of the project partners. After the folk dances, choir and bag printing workshop organized for the participants, class visits were made. The second session was held at Gökmen Space and Aviation Center (GUHEM) and a certificate delivery ceremony was held for the participants.