The aim of the Beyond School Project is to define the teaching profession profiles in order to use out-of-school learning (OBL) environments correctly and effectively; information about students is brought together in school education programs; plan in a holistic way; The practices that carry out their lessons in different places, educating them to complete the education process, will come to an end, will come to an end to the social and educational futures of the natural and industrial. The project will be able to benefit from a project that will be used for this purpose from exercises used to benefit from planned and classroom use of OBL environments. In accordance with its priority and purpose, our project will develop applications, education system and tools for educators by utilizing different experiences and plans of schools, education center education system, museum and local government. The project consists of a series of 30 months of use in total and 2 LTTs and 4 TPMs are planned in the project. This time is divided into phases for organizing, demonstrating, compiling and disseminating the project. Required to compete along with extracurricular learning for all activities and things to do. There will be 4 people from each institution to LTTs and 2 times from each institution to TPMs.

Project activities can be divided into the following main headings:

Situation Analysis/OD National Information Package: The first activity to be carried out in the project is the situation analysis and the International Information Package in the field. The OBLs to be realized by the partners through these activities will be able to be evaluated within the schools involved in the education of the schools. Situation analysis project will be formed all the basis. A report of our comparative samples, which will be gathered by the coordinator by the information package from the world by each country, will be prepared by you and then scanned both to the project and from the region.

The competencies of education and training will be increased with 2 LTTs for which a project will be built. It can be prepared to give students a taste of different environments for schools and a different environment for standards for hands-on workshops for students. On the basis of OBL trainings, it will be handled both in private areas and observed in the heritage, industrial and student heritage schools teaching will be practiced by at least 5 teachers and 50 students, and the other at least 3 teachers and 30 student students. The results will be realized and the report of the activities carried out will be revised.

In terms of ease of use in the use of tools that students can experience, the web package to be prepared by the educators in a short time, and the CAB E-Guide completed at the end of the project. Family-child teaching, school holidays are classes. Children will learn the places where they will study with their families. With the interaction of children with children, both the subjects learned and the school will save time and be effective. The project will be a universal comprehensive project that can be designed and an open source E-Guide to how a good education specialist can be trained with the education that knows the general places well, they can implement a pilot program.

What we have learned from the planning of the project is to ensure that educators use the out-of-school learning (OBL) environments effectively and efficiently, the dissemination of OBLs will contribute to the education programs of schools and will link the review with OBL. There will be a great future that will realize the basic classroom walls, which will carry out its lessons in the environment of OBL, and will learn by living it. The abstract will materialize and effective and permanent learning will be provided. They will learn to learn by training their creative thinking and imagination.

Under the coordination of Bursa Provincial Directorate of National Education, the ‘Beyond School’ project, which was granted with a budget of 138.976 Euros within the scope of the Erasmus + program, is starting!

The Erasmus + ‘Beyond School’ project, which deals with out-of-school learning environments and inheritance transfer, will last 30 months between 31.12.2020 – 29.06.2023.