The Story of My City – Bursa in the Language of Trees

Strengthening the profile of the teaching profession in order to use out-of-school learning environments correctly and effectively; planning the learning processes in a holistic way by bringing together the areas of duty, teachers and students, for the same purpose as the education supervisor in places outside the school; Training programs were organized for classroom teachers working in our city within the scope of the Erasmus+ Project beyond the School, which aims to ensure that students who take their classes in different places carry learning to all areas of their lives, and to transfer the social and educational value of the cultural, natural and industrial heritage of the world we live in to future generations.

Within the scope of the project, the “Story of My City” education program, prepared in cooperation with ÇEKÜL Knowledge Tree, aims to enable children to interact with the environment, nature and history of the city they live in during the academic year. The aim of the program is for the participants to discover different aspects of the cultural and natural heritage from the past to the present and to take an active role as individuals who transfer the heritage of their cities to the future. He held his initial workshop at Bursa City Museum with 30 classroom teachers who will implement the Story of My City program.

Prepared in cooperation with ÇEKÜL Knowledge Tree as part of the Beyond the School project, “Bursa in the Language of Trees” is a one-year education program that aims primary school students to get to know the forest ecosystem under the guidance of their teachers, to comprehend the effects of nature on culture, to see nature as a playmate and to develop their creativity with inspiration from it. The program, which considers the city as a living organism, aims to establish a healthy relationship between nature-human-space and to protect the ecological characteristics of cities. The initial workshop was held at TOFAŞ Anatolian Cars Museum with 30 classroom teachers who will implement the Language of Trees program.